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Wine Tours Tamar Valley

Discover the Taste of Wine with Our Tours in Tamar Valley

Our wine tours in Tamar Valley showcase some of the most exquisite flavours in Tasmania. We make our tours an informative, fun and memorable experience. There is no minimum guest number for our Discovery tour. Our quality service includes transportation from your designated pick up location with all our tours. We have a range of packages that include visits to four cellar doors, excellent cuisine, friendly hosts and more.

What You Can Expect from Tamar Valley Wine Tours Regarding Wine Tasting in Tamar Valley

We provide a range of fun-filled tours such as: 

  • Our Discovery tour: This popular tour runs every day so you can book a day that suits you. You will tour four cellar doors and taste the flavours of premium cool-climate wines. A main course lunch is included, and we provide a cheeseboard selection at the last venue. You can easily start a new collection of wines from our stunning wineries and receive discounted shipping in Australia.

  • Go Behind the Label tour: You can discover how a vineyard works with this unique opportunity to explore the winemaking process, including how grapes develop throughout the season. On this tour, you can sample unfinished wines before you head back to the cellar door to taste the finished products and enjoy a two-course lunch.

  • Night moves tour: After exploring the surroundings of Tasmania, you can finish the day with a three hour night tour. You’ll enjoy a generous meal, taste more than twelve wines and enjoy the night sky.

Reasons to Attend Wine Tours

You can get more out of a wine tour than merely having a great time with friends such as:

  • Discover good wine: Wineries often feature different varieties of wine at their tastings, allowing you to discover good wine and new flavours. You can expand your palate and try individual flavours to determine if you like it before you buy a whole bottle. You can also learn to select flavours and discover what characteristics a wine needs to be classed as good.

  • Meet new people: Wine tasting tours are the perfect way to meet new people with similar interests. You may even find various networking opportunities regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced wine taster.

  • Learn food and wine pairings: Winemakers know what food goes well with their varieties and are happy to share their tips for pairing with food. Visiting wineries and tasting is also an excellent opportunity to ask for advice about selecting a complementing wine for a particular dish you may have in mind.

Why is Wine Tours Tamar Valley Cost-Effective?

Our tour company has been operating for more than ten years, and we provide our guests with a fun and informative experience, including the heritage of Tamar Valley wine. We have a selection of winery packages from our popular Discovery tour to a bespoke and private cellar door visit so you can find the perfect experience to suit you. Whether you are travelling solo, as a couple or a small group, we have extensive hosting experience and showcase quality wines from Vineyards in Tamar Valley. Contact us today to book your tour of exquisite Tamar Valley wineries.

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